Saturday, February 2, 2013

Starting Again

Several weeks ago a good friend of mine from college posted a blog, “Winners Do Quit.” They quit doing things that do not add value to their life or pertain to their written goals. His blog, as well as the follow up post he posted the following day, have been weighing on my mind the last few weeks. You see, during December and January I was in between classes, and I was planning to get caught up on some things I needed to before classes started again:

  • “I really need to post a blog. It’s been too long since my last.”
  • “I really need to catch up on some non-school reading.”
  • “I really need to work through the study guide for my denomination’s licensure test.”
  • “I really need to be applying for jobs for when I get back from deployment.”

All of these were great ideas.
All of these would have added value to my life and been a good use of my down time.
None of these were accomplished.

I was too busy spending my time on things that did not add value; things that would not lead to wins in life. So, with a new set of classes underway, and a thousand different things begging for my attention, I’m starting again. I’m choosing to focus on activities that will be worthwhile. 

What about you? What worthwhile things are you working toward?

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  1. This is a perfect time for focusing on the worthwhile, as tomorrow is the beginning of Lent!