Sunday, February 17, 2013

Uploading the Human Experience

The other day I saw this commercial. It is Sprint's new ad advertising the iPhone 5 and their "Truly Unlimited Data" plan. Check it out:

But this isn't about the iPhone or Sprint; or even about materialism or consumerism. It's about this interesting nugget nestled into the video:

"We can share every second
in data dressed as pixels.
A billion roaming photojournalists ...
Uploading the human experience."

Here we are in this global community known as the internet. We are constantly being bombarded with ways to connect via social media. "Like" my page, follow me, upvote my picture.

300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday, and Instagam is pushing a total of a billion photos uploaded. We are constantly uploading our human experiences (and our cats; don't forget the cats).

A few months ago Jon Acuff posted this video in a post titled, "Something Every Parent Needs to be Ready for in 2013":

It got me thinking. Do you realize that this generation (my kids and your kids) will be the first generation that could potentially have their entire lives documented via Facebook photos? Assuming that Facebook is here to stay, when my son is 16 I could tag him in a photo of him at a year old, that's been on Facebook since he was one year old. Embarrassing my kids will only ever be a click away. But seriously, how will this effect our kids in the future? Is "Uploading the Human Experience" a good goal? What safety issues arise with this new generation of those literally born into social media?

These are just some things I've been thinking about lately. What do you think?

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